Whether you’re lounging on the couch on the other side of the room or lounging on a beach on the other side of the country, you can control your home comfort from virtually anywhere with a Wi-Fi® thermostat from Carrier. With control at your fingertips, you can stay connected and take a hands-on approach to your home energy management.

Infinity Touch Controls

The unrivaled capabilities of the Infinity control represent our highest degree of comfort management.

This communicating control is designed exclusively for our Infinity system products and is the brains behind our ultra-efficient Greenspeed® intelligence systems

When it's connected to your home's wi-fi, you can control your Infinity Series Touch Control with Remote Access from anywhere.


  • Full-color touch screen with photo upload capability
  • Local weather 5-day forecast
  • Real-time energy use tracking
  • Monitors indoor air quality products
  • ComfortFan™ technology capable with four levels of "constant ON" fan speeds
  • One-button Touch-N-Go quick-settings-change feature
  • System maintenance reminders
  • Capable of controlling up to 8 zones

Performance Edge Thermostat

This versatile and beautiful programmable Edge thermostat has a slim, wall-hugging design.

It's capable of managing temperatures, humidity, ventilation, airflow and indoor air quality. And, if your system includes a heat pump and a furnace, its advanced features can orchestrate Hybrid Heat® system performance too..

Display module is .8" deep and can be attached directly to the wall when its control module portion is installed on furnace or fan coil.


  • Intuitive, on-screen prompts
  • Large, illuminated display shows inside and outside temperatures and time
  • Ideal Humidity System® management capable for better comfort
  • Auto changeover between heating and cooling
  • Smart recovery for energy savings during system ramp up periods
  • Day-at-a-glance 7-day or 5/2 (wake, away, home, sleep) programming
  • Ventilation management capable
  • Intelligent, heating- and cooling-comfort staging capable

Côr® Wi-Fi Thermostats

Your heating and cooling system is where you spend most of your energy dollars, so saving on your utilities is important.

The innovative Côr® thermostat is designed to combine home comfort with reduced energy use; homeowners saved an average of 20% on their heating and cooling energy costs.

It's what we call the heart of a smarter home.


  • Full-color touch screen
  • Intuitive, on-screen prompts
  • Local weather 4-day forecast
  • Remote access via smartphone or compter
  • Detailed energy reports and customized energy saving tips
  • One-button Touch-N-Go quick-settings-change feature
  • Ideal Humidity System® management capable for exacting comfort
  • Hybrid Heat® system management capable

Comfort® Thermostat

Check out the Comfort® Thermostat

The Comfort non-programmable, large-screen thermostat keeps it simple with easy instruction printed right inside the door. It's a breeze to maximize your comfort using this electronic thermostat configured for systems a heat or straight air conditioning

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